Things new RTOs should not be afraid of

Don’t be afraid of ASQA (or your regulatory body)

They are there to help you! Even though many in the industry have not had good experiences with them, they are trying to change their relationship with RTOs. They are working more proactively to elevate the industry and help RTOs understand their obligations rather than just try to de-register and sanction them. They have also done an overhaul of their personnel to ensure those whose practices and habits do not align with their student-centered and working cooperatively with RTOs approach are encouraged to move on. 

At our initial registration audit, the auditor that we had was an absolute nightmare. He tried to impress that even if we were compliant, he was the main decider. Truth be told, I was very intimidated. Thankfully he is no longer with our regulator and has observed that many like him are no longer working for ASQA or other regulators. This is great news for RTOs as it shows that our regulators are actually trying to promote a collaborative environment with RTOs rather than one where they are intimidating us and enforce unreasonable powers against us. One important point during the audio is you must have your student management software up and running. Previously the RTO owner would be allowed to just mention the RTO software they were planning to use and that would be enough but now with the new ASQA regulations, RTO managers must choose which type of software their RTO is going to use. An example by clicking here

Don’t be afraid to hire staff

Many RTOs are small businesses and the owners are not just the CEO, but the Trainer and Assessor, the Compliance Manager, the Business Analyst, and even the cleaner! Wearing all these hats is great if you just want to plod along, but if you want to grow and make a real impact in the vocational sector, you need to hire reliable, experienced, and trustworthy staff members. For a full guide on what is required to commencing a Registered Training Organisation visiting the below website –

Having seen how some RTOs fall into the trap of falling behind or not having enough time for themselves, delegating tasks is the best thing you can do for your business. When you hire staff members who are great at what they do, you get to leverage off their experience, knowledge, and expertise. It is also the easiest way to learn new things or uncover how other RTOs operate and install the best practices into your own RTO. Find more information about starting your own Registered Training Organisation.

Hiring staff will cost money, but you will need to weigh up the risks and the returns. When I started hiring, I managed to focus on the growth of the business whilst not busying myself with the day-to-day side of running the actual business. I got to spend more time with my family instead of always passing on family events and not even seeing my kids. I got more enrolments instead of scrambling for them each month! The risk of course is that if you hire the wrong people, they will cause more problems than you can imagine. But, if you have the right hiring strategy and hire the right people for your business, you can reduce this risk.

Don’t be afraid of funding

Many RTO owners are afraid of applying for funding and just want to concentrate on the local fee-for-service model as they are worried about the obligations that come with it. Believe me, if your RTO is run in a compliant manner, this is something you never have to worry about. So long as the systems and processes you have in place are correctly followed and complement each part of your business well, you do not have to worry. This is why I always tell others who want to start their own RTO to start with understanding how important compliance is to their business. If this factor is addressed, everything else is workable.